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Melis' Journal
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Thursday, May 16th, 2002
3:52 pm
How could I not write about a crappy movie I saw last night, Unfaithful was a little bit disappointing. I enjoyed the 1st half of the movie but without giving anything away the ending was a let down. The best part was the french guy, Whoa! And of course Richard Gere. But his performance was a little lack luster, he's kind of lost his edge since doing Runaway Bride.

Current Mood: happy
3:47 pm
I am still around, just got nothing to say.
Wednesday, May 8th, 2002
2:34 pm
No news is good news I always say. Well the year is finally winding down and I am frantically finishing projects. Why do I do this every year I just don't know. 2 night is one of the many year end bashes. I made cupcakes and I am tempted to stop working and just go home now to get ready. schools kind off freaking me out now. My grandmother offered to send me to Australia for two months to visit family after I write my board exam. But this is a dependant on if I pass. And don't really have a fear of failing but with all the shit that has been going now around here. I equate it to one of those horror movies where one by one they disappear and each day we wonder who will be left.
Monday, April 29th, 2002
1:42 pm
From bad to worse
I got the worse news on Friday, my very good friend was expelled from school. I don't nkow why, well I kind of do, but it is a rumours and speculation. They won't tell us anything and now I'm supposed to study for a test from hell.
Thursday, April 25th, 2002
4:31 pm
I'm so very bored, waiting for clinic to come. It's not even my turn to come in but I'm suctioning for 2nite Sara. You owe me big.

Just for You Sara, your fav

You've got your ball
you've got your chain
tied to me tightly
tie me up again
whose got the claws
in you my friend
into your heart
heart beats again
Sweet like candy
to my soul
Sweet you rock
Sweet you roll
I'm lost for you
I'm so lost, for you
And you come & crash
into me.......
And I come into you.

What's with you and this song?
4:01 pm
Update on the foot. The bruise is almost gone and I am not walking with a limp anymore but my ankle is still very stiff in the morning and it takes sometime for it to warm up. I have a feeling I am going to be paying for this years from now.

Rosanna and I saw a horrific sight today. After we were finished teaching the grade ones this morning, we happened upon a cat that had been hit by a car. It was still alive and in the middle of the road. Rosanna picked it up and brought it to the side and I called the Humane Society and waited until the animal control people came. There was a hair salon across the street and the people who worked their came out with a towel. Some other people stopped but there was nothing we could so, the cat died before they came. It was awful and don't even want to describe what we say. My thoughts are consumed with the agony that cat must have gone thru. Apart form teaching those kids today really sucked the big one!

On to happier feelings, I'm going out tomorrow night, I need to find some clients, so I have to lay off the booze : )

Current Mood: depressed
Wednesday, April 24th, 2002
2:58 pm
Freakin Canucks, Leaf's and 'Canes lost. None of my teams are winning. Oh Well what can you do?

I am in a better mood today, things are going well even though I have a shit load of projects to do, but it is my own fault because I procrastinated until the last minute.

Sara's B-day next week. Can't wait to meet the 2 Mikes
Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002
3:58 pm
Is it wrong to say you are a fan of hockey because you love the game, when all you really love are the hot guys!
Go Canucks!!!
3:45 pm
Sometimes I wish I live alone
I usually don't write about my roommate because unfortunatly she knows about my journal. Fortunatly she is so self-absorbed that she wouldn't waste her time reading my entires. Insead she would rather search the web planning her wedding which will never happen. But I digress. Last night she's making mac & cheese and she spills her grape juice on the stove and it goes all over, in the burners, on the floor etc. A normal person would clean it up, she's not normal. A little while later I decided to cook dinner. A lot of smoke started to fill the kitchen and there was an awfull burnt smell.It was the grape juice. she never cleaned it up and you know what, a day later it's still there. I only have a month to go. That's only the tip of the ice burg.
I love to bitch, it has become one of my favourite past times

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, April 16th, 2002
10:21 am
I was wrong
So my 21st birthday was not a disappointment. My friends threw me a surprise party on thursday after clinic and it was nice to get together with everyone. Thanks Sarah for the the chocolate martinis.

Friday night was very interesting. Myself and two friends went to some old timers bar(Sorry but 40 is old to me) in Port Dalhouise. To tell everything would take to long, so here it is, abbreviated Tequila, whipping my hair, Hugging some old guy, Tequila, Dancing, Tequila, Dancing some more, Tequila, puking my brains out in the womens bathroom. Twisting my ankle walking to the car. Still sick when I got home. Slept on the couch, to be closer to bathroom. When I woke up my left foot was swollen and purple. My left foot is still swollen and purple.
All in All a good weekend. The best part is that I will be laughing about this night for ever.

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Wednesday, April 10th, 2002
10:54 am
So I turned 21 yesterday. Everyone asked me "do you feel older" or how does it feel to be 21" How am I supposed to respond to that when it doesn't feel any diffent than 20. Maybe if it was a significant age I would feel different.

Best Birthday-16 Big Ass Party at my house and had a drunken snowball fight at 12:00 at night.
Worst Birthday-14 parents had a HUGE fight, huge and I thought they were getting a divorce.
2nd Best-19 played pool at Van Gogh's.
Most indifferent-Yesterday
God I am so whiny

Two weeks ago I helped this guy in the library with the photocopier, and now I see him all the time. Like up on the third floor where the clinic is. Or walking to class, in the computer lab. The bright side is if he is "stalking me" I will have a back up client if I have an open clinic. Tee Hee.

Current Mood: sleepy
Monday, April 1st, 2002
11:42 am
I'm Back... I'm done the work I had to do for now so it back to play time. I've been having some really weird dreams lately. Like last night I dreamed I was cutting my friends hair. Then this morning a different friend shows up to class with a new hairdo. weird.Different friend, but still. Sometimes I get parinoid and I think people can hear my thoughts, like in the middle of tests. So I will swear profusely or scream (in my head of course) and see if any one looks at me. Sometimes I think I am a paranoid schizophrenic but my logic to as why I am not one is paranoid schizophrenic usually don't know they are.
10:38 am
Weekend Update
I hate the Sunday drives back to Welland. After each landmark I get more and more depressed. And then walking to school this morning sucked. It had rained and there was that worm smell, plus it was kind of cold.

My weekend was fun spent the whole time visiting with family, but not done yet. I'm going back this weekend to celebrate my birthday (yahh) I ate way too much cheesecake and finished off the brownies.
Thursday, March 28th, 2002
11:27 am
1. What was up with the oscars. Four hours long and I watched it. How pathetic am I. And Randy Newman winning over Paul McCartney. I don't think so.

2. I have so much school shit to do this weekend that I don't even have time to go out. At least I will see the family on Good Friday.

3. Tacos are yummy, and Brownies are even better.

4.Pretty sure I will take up sarahs offer for Septembers living arrangements

5. Its a beautiful day.

6. And I'm out of here!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Thursday, March 14th, 2002
3:52 pm
Wasteing time
Just studying for my perio test
"The range of morphofunctional harmony to disharmony is dependent on the adaptive capability of the oral system"

I have been so bored lately. The sick thing is that now I actually look forward to the nights I am in clinic. Gone are the days of complete nausea before my client sits in the chair.

The weather was beautiful today. Almost wore my sandals but it was a little to chilly, but definitely tomorrow. I painted my toe nails dark blue, since I fingernails have to have a neutral colour.

My cousin Megan was my client for tuesday and after wards we went to M.T. Bellies for dinner and the waiter thought that Megan and her sister where my daughters. Umm Yeah, if I had them when I was 9. I know I don't really look my age, but come on.

I like this posting one long journal at the end of the week, I get to think things over.

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, March 5th, 2002
11:50 am
Forgot a Mousey

Current Mood: hungry
11:40 am
Nothing in particular
Well my week off was the best. I did absolutley no homework and spent the whole week with family and friends. It went way to fast and now I'm back here.yuck. What is up with the weather. One day it is really nice and the next freezing. On my break I went shopping with my mother and we went to Roots. I tried on a pair of red olympic track pants and she wanted to by them for me, but I couldn't justify her spending 70 dollars on track pants. I told her she could buy them for my birthday if she really wanted to.
Wednesday, February 20th, 2002
2:27 pm
I've been reading the journals but not posting becuse there really isn't anything to say. School hasn't been particularly busy, but I also put off all my work until the last minute. Spring Break is next week. and I am spending quaility time with my family. plus I have to finish some projects that I of course put off. I have't been to the Trash since summer, so I am going on Wednesday, that was always Gaels night. I was thinking about going back to GC and see Mrs. Seibert my old art teacher. She told me to drop by anytime , but I don't want to disapoint her considering the last thing I painted was the bathroom wall. I think its time to take out the old sketch books.
Thursday, February 7th, 2002
12:49 pm
Sometimes I like to read the journals of people who have the same interests as me. Well, today I read the journals who had Guelph listed as an interest. I was pleasantly surprised to find 10 or so journals listed. When I started posting last year I think there were only three of us. The word is out.

I'm going home this weekend for and I can't wait to sleep in my bed. My apartment here in Welland is great except for my bedroom, its small, ugly wood paneling on the walls and a single bed (not much leg room) : )
12:15 pm
What a great day. I just got back from observing a Needs Assessment with the Niagara Health unit at a "high risk" school.
I spent three hours talking to the hygienist and assistant and I feel I have learned so much. I feel rejuvenated, like I can actually make it thru the next year and I can put up with all this bull shit and politics because I have my eye on the prize.

On another note Temptation Island is on tonite, can't wait. Its the second last show, the last show is on Valentines Day(how fitting). I have night clinic that night and I will miss the first half hour but I tapping it of course.
Prediction: Tommy & Nicole-splitting up
New Couple-staying together
Kathyrn & Edmundo-sooo splitting up
John and the whiny blond-staying together

Current Mood: bouncy
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