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So I turned 21 yesterday. Everyone asked me "do you feel older" or how does it feel to be 21" How am I supposed to respond to that when it doesn't feel any diffent than 20. Maybe if it was a significant age I would feel different.

Best Birthday-16 Big Ass Party at my house and had a drunken snowball fight at 12:00 at night.
Worst Birthday-14 parents had a HUGE fight, huge and I thought they were getting a divorce.
2nd Best-19 played pool at Van Gogh's.
Most indifferent-Yesterday
God I am so whiny

Two weeks ago I helped this guy in the library with the photocopier, and now I see him all the time. Like up on the third floor where the clinic is. Or walking to class, in the computer lab. The bright side is if he is "stalking me" I will have a back up client if I have an open clinic. Tee Hee.
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