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I was wrong

So my 21st birthday was not a disappointment. My friends threw me a surprise party on thursday after clinic and it was nice to get together with everyone. Thanks Sarah for the the chocolate martinis.

Friday night was very interesting. Myself and two friends went to some old timers bar(Sorry but 40 is old to me) in Port Dalhouise. To tell everything would take to long, so here it is, abbreviated Tequila, whipping my hair, Hugging some old guy, Tequila, Dancing, Tequila, Dancing some more, Tequila, puking my brains out in the womens bathroom. Twisting my ankle walking to the car. Still sick when I got home. Slept on the couch, to be closer to bathroom. When I woke up my left foot was swollen and purple. My left foot is still swollen and purple.
All in All a good weekend. The best part is that I will be laughing about this night for ever.
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