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Sometimes I wish I live alone

I usually don't write about my roommate because unfortunatly she knows about my journal. Fortunatly she is so self-absorbed that she wouldn't waste her time reading my entires. Insead she would rather search the web planning her wedding which will never happen. But I digress. Last night she's making mac & cheese and she spills her grape juice on the stove and it goes all over, in the burners, on the floor etc. A normal person would clean it up, she's not normal. A little while later I decided to cook dinner. A lot of smoke started to fill the kitchen and there was an awfull burnt smell.It was the grape juice. she never cleaned it up and you know what, a day later it's still there. I only have a month to go. That's only the tip of the ice burg.
I love to bitch, it has become one of my favourite past times
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