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Update on the foot. The bruise is almost gone and I am not walking with a limp anymore but my ankle is still very stiff in the morning and it takes sometime for it to warm up. I have a feeling I am going to be paying for this years from now.

Rosanna and I saw a horrific sight today. After we were finished teaching the grade ones this morning, we happened upon a cat that had been hit by a car. It was still alive and in the middle of the road. Rosanna picked it up and brought it to the side and I called the Humane Society and waited until the animal control people came. There was a hair salon across the street and the people who worked their came out with a towel. Some other people stopped but there was nothing we could so, the cat died before they came. It was awful and don't even want to describe what we say. My thoughts are consumed with the agony that cat must have gone thru. Apart form teaching those kids today really sucked the big one!

On to happier feelings, I'm going out tomorrow night, I need to find some clients, so I have to lay off the booze : )
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Ugh. I'm sorry you had to go through that (the poor cat). That's why I NEVER let my cats outside. There's just way too much danger out there. And not just from cars. Fights with other animals (wild and domesticated). Parasites. Disease. As much as it's nice to let kitties out, the city is NOT their natural habitat. They can live far healthier, happier lives indoors. Cruel as it might seem at times.

Hopefully you and your friend at least were able to bring the poor thing some measure of comfort during it's pain. Fuck it makes me sad to hear about animals suffering due to humans. Don't let it haunt you though. You tried. I'm sure the cat appreciated it.