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Wasteing time

Just studying for my perio test
"The range of morphofunctional harmony to disharmony is dependent on the adaptive capability of the oral system"

I have been so bored lately. The sick thing is that now I actually look forward to the nights I am in clinic. Gone are the days of complete nausea before my client sits in the chair.

The weather was beautiful today. Almost wore my sandals but it was a little to chilly, but definitely tomorrow. I painted my toe nails dark blue, since I fingernails have to have a neutral colour.

My cousin Megan was my client for tuesday and after wards we went to M.T. Bellies for dinner and the waiter thought that Megan and her sister where my daughters. Umm Yeah, if I had them when I was 9. I know I don't really look my age, but come on.

I like this posting one long journal at the end of the week, I get to think things over.
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